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Karistem develops its Supply Chain consulting offer

Paris, January 20, 2014. Karistem, a consulting firm in strategy, transformation and operational excellence, pursues its development in Supply Chain via a partnership with the firm Austral. Henceforth, the two consulting firms’ teams will constitute the Supply Chain Division of Karistem and intervene under the brand Karistem Corporate Consulting, following the example of the other functional divisions of Karistem (Sourcing, Sustainable Development, Human Resources, Health Security Environment, and Information Systems).
The coming together of these two entities dates from the end of 2012, during the acquisition of Factea Group by Karistem, a network of franchised consulting firms and specialised in the sourcing family of which Austral was a holder of the brand Factea Supply Chain. “One year after the acquisition of Factea, the complementarity of the teams, the quality of the assignments delivered and the same strong wish to reply to our clients’ needs has comforted us in our choice to unite under the same brand our consulting offer dedicated to the support of large business and organisation functions, which includes Supply Chain” celebrates Olivier Seiller, Managing Partner at Karistem.
“With the experience acquired by our teams in the last years, combined with the know-how in strategy and transformation consulting, from now on Karistem positions itself as an actor and a reference in logistics and transport consulting” reinforces Melchior de Bary, director of the new Supply Chain division of Karistem.

Even if numerous businesses are conscious today of the potential of realisable savings and the opportunities to optimise the management of their Supply Chain, many of them don’t possess the internal expertise to manage such projects well, which are often complex and technical. An expertise developed by the consultants of Karistem’s Supply Chain division, for whom it is their speciality and core business. “We are specialists in the operational optimisation of the Supply Chain and we position ourselves uniquely as such” underlines Thomas Moreau, director within Karistem’s new division. “Our objective is to help our clients to improve their logistic profitability”.
In this way, the teams of the Supply Chain Division reply to all businesses problems concerning their logistics and transports: Supply Chain strategy, logistics network strategy, externalisation / internalisation of logistic operations, assistance in the selection of logistics service providers, reduction of stock and improvement of client service, reworking of the forecasting process, S&OP and supplies, help in selecting and the choice of WMS and TMS software, implementation of performance indicators, team training on the issues of transport and logistic etc. “We are based notably on tools specifically developed to implement levers for which there are measurable results, allowing a rapid return on investment for our clients” adds Melchior de Bary.
After having built its reputation through its transofmration consulting services, dedicated to the Eexecutive Committees, principally in the sectors of Defence, Transport and Energy, “Karistem accelerates its growth more than ever via its offer in consulting dedicated to big functions supporting the business (HR, Sourcing, Supply Chain etc.) all sectors included” concludes Olivier Seiller.

Note that the Karistem brand is present in all of its branches. First of all, Karistem Corporate Consulting (KCC), of which Supply Chain Division is a member, covers traditional assignments in strategy and transformation. Karistem Corporate Exerptise (KCE), which unites a network of affiliated experts and specialises in segments liked to one function like sourcing, IT, telecom sourcing, etc.

Karistem Corporate Consulting briefly
Karistem Corporate Consulting (KCC) is a consulting firm specializing in strategy and transformation. Since 2004, KCC develops and implements major transformation projects supported by the Exectutive Managament to improve the competitiveness of the heart of business and / or support functions to align the business strategy. KCC’s approach is results-oriented and puts people at the heart of each transformation. KCC is committed (1) the involvement and ownership of the change by the largest number of people and (2) on fast, major and lasting results.

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