Few questions about Karistem


Do the Karistem Corporate Consulting teams work on an international level?
The Karistem teams are involved with numerous international groups, during the implementation of big transformation plans or strategic and operational projects which touch several countries. Perfectly bilingual, consultants are thus brought to work regularly at an international level.

How do the Karistem Corporate Consulting teams collaborate with the teams of its clients?
Karistem’s teams work systematically in project mode, the base of which is the continuous collaboration with the client. In this way, the steering committee for each assignment includes one of the members of the executive committee at group level or the management committee of one of the strategic business units. Throughout the project, Karistem places particular attention to the relation with different stakeholders of the project. We believe that it is crucial to have a common understanding of the stakes and objectives of the assignment.

Are there standard assignments at Karistem Corporate Consulting?
The length of the project, the size of the team and of the organisation varies according to the environment, the stakes, the constraints, and the needs of each Client. There is not therefore a standard project at Karistem. The common point of all the assignments is to understand and adapt to the issues of our clients.

Is Karistem Corporate Consulting a financially independent consulting firm?
Karistem’s capital is held 100% by its associated directors and 100% of the growth of the consultancy is financed by the results. Karistem also maintains its commercial independence and doesn’t enter into an alliance or a structural partnership with other service providers, without the explicit agreement of its client. It should also be noted that the most important client of the consultancy represents less than 30% of the revenue of the consultancy.

What does the logo of Karistem Corporate Consulting represent?
Karistem’s logo represents the head of caryatid or an atlas, the statue of a woman or man serving as a column to support the pediment in Greek temples. This historical reference also symbolizes the values of Karistem: a high-quality positioning and a human and intellectual service while maintaining the structure of a building or in our case an organization.

What is the difference between Karistem Corporate Consulting and Karistem Corporate Expertise?
The Karistem Corporate Consulting team regroups consultants specialised in strategy while the Karistem Corporate Expertise teams are made up of experts specialised in a theme or particular area of operational consulting.