Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development
Contribute to the global performance of the company


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the contribution that organizations (companies, communities, associations, trade unions …) make to sustainable development. This progressive approach falls within a search for global performance. It questions the practices of companies who engage in it, encouraged to work differently and better manage relationships with stakeholders. Organizations integrating these new dimensions in their strategy benefit from new opportunities for development and differentiation vis-à- vis the competition (resources, regulatory compliance).

Social responsibility demands organisations to stay informed and to consult and liaise with all stakeholders of an organization. This is an absolute prerequisite for the legitimacy and success of the engaging sustainable development strategy.

In order to implement social responsibility principles, the Sustainable Development Department at Karistem offers solutions tailored to the needs of organizations in order to initiate or deepen their sustainable development :

  • Definition of a CSR strategy : fit, control and structure a sustainable development approach by optimizing the economic dimension
  • Training and education in sustainable development : understand and outline principles and practices of sustainable development in general or on specific topics
  • Creation of carbon footprint : assess the direct and indirect emissions of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and develop an action plan to reduce them
  • Support responsible purchasing : overall transform the procurement function to implement a responsible purchasing policy
  • Optimization of energy consumption : support organizations in the development and implementation of their energy-efficient strategy; promote the acquisition of skills through internal training and support

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