Human Resources

Human Resources
For a value-creating HR function


How to enable the HR function to create value by linking its services with the strategic and operational issues of the business ? Having accompanied large infrastructure, energy and defense companies in their strategic planning and transformation projects, we found that the issues related to human resources are often poorly understood, that the HR function was not a sufficient agent of change and that HR issues were more often seen as constraints rather than as levers of action.

Karistem decided to structure a consulting offer totally dedicated to the HR function, with a twofold objective:
1. Enable the HR function to anticipate, prepare and support the achievement of strategic and operational objectives of the company;
2. Ensure the definition, implementation and effective control of HR systems (organizations, modes of governance, policies, processes and tools) relevant to offer an HR service tailored to the needs of its customers.

Deployed by consultants with a decade of experience in human resources (consulting and operational), this offer is divided into five structural axes:

  • Strategic Workforce Planning : strategic alignment of HR (people and competencies) with the strategic and operational needs of the core business
  • Talent: managing the life cycle of talent to attract, integrate, develop, reward, motivate, and retain the best employees
  • Functional Effectiveness : activation of the best HR levers to enhance the operational performance of key functions in the short and long term
  • Performance of the HR function : improving quality and reducing costs of services provided by the HR operational business
  • Engagement : the commitment of management and employees in strategy, transformation and major corporate projects


As an illustration, Karistem accompanies HR Directors in their repositioning as strategic business partners by helping them :
To collaborate with other functions and operations to reflect the business policies and translate them into HR
To formalize consistent HR policies with the strategy, other functional policies and the needs of the field, as well as to identify their impact on processes and HR or managerial practices
To design and manage their HR transformation programs, which look at other functions or the HR function itself
To demonstrate the contribution of the HR function in operational performance through formalizing the R.O.I. of HR projects or sharing more strategic HR dashboards

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