A triple capacity to…



We build joint teams with our clients. We share a common understanding of the problem and review root causes together. We facilitate consensus in the organisation by focusing on facts. We adopt the simple and universal language of measurable indicators.


Karistem teams are ready to grasp the political, rational and emotional challenges that often arise during projects to design ambitious to-be models with a realistic transformation roadmap. Our approach enables active listening and dialogue, and our teams are objective and open with clients about potential difficulties of the project. We thus consider financial, time and human resource availabilities in project planning to achieve the appropriate balance where necessary. That is part of the trust-building process.


Karistem is dedicated to establishing long-term relationships with each client. We assign consultants to projects for which they already have in-depth knowledge of the client’s business environment. We follow strict and rigorous project and program management practices to respect due dates and to allocate only the necessary resources. Last, but not least, we monitor pre-defined key performance indicators and produce regular and effective project reports and dashboards.

In feedback, our Clients have mentioned 5 assets, which differentiate Karistem from its competitors :

  • Results driven
  • Creative and practical
  • Selection and mobilisation of our teams
  • Tailor-made and quality deliverables and services
  • Transparency and rigour of commercial and delivery processes