Few questions about Karistem


• Are consultants involved in the recruitment process?
Although the recruitment process is managed and lead by a principal or director, all of the consultants take part in the recruitment process: participating at student events, talent spotting, participating in interviews, developing case studies, etc. Across their experience and their preferences, they thus contribute to the development of a real business culture and a “Karistem team spirit”.

• Do consultants participate in internal projects?
Consultants’ activities are organised around client assignments, but also around internal projects and challenges for Karistem itself: creating innovative methodologies, carrying out sectoral studies, organising team building events, etc. Each consultant can thus participate in the internal projects according to their availabilities after client assignments, but also their competencies and wishes. In this way, Karistem wholly encourages initiative taking and innovation.

• Are consultants incentivised for their commercial development of the consultancy?
Since its creation, Karistem has developed its revenue by diversifying its client portfolio and activities. Each consultant is called, according to their grade, to actively contribute to the commercial development of the consultancy. For that, they receive the training and the necessary framework to integrate best practices. This involvement is judged to be all the more important as it allows consultants to acquire the necessary competences which will make them into good managers.

Concretely, participating in the commercial development of the consultancy can improve the process of writing a commercial offer, participating in the verbal deference of a proposition to a client, developing new offers and creating associated communication support, or even selling an assignment extensions or new assignments.