Information Systems

Information Systems
IS as a long-term productive asset


Beyond the classic stakes of the IS Division, the CIO is now facing new situations where the Executive Management demands reductions in division’s budgets while business managers are demanding increasingly more efficient services from start to finish, in ever wider geographic areas.

In this context, the CIO works to ensure the provision of quality services while instituting reforms to :

Position themselves in relation to the new challenges

  • Understand the dynamic market and business strategy
  • Identify key milestones with a horizon of 5 years
  • Clarify customer expectations vis-à- vis the CIO
  • Formalize goals and assess the potential risks

Set to achieve tangible results

  • Outline objectives as tangible results and projects to be launched
  • Identify strategic projects
  • Define resource requirements and validate the key competencies
  • Assess the adequacy of current projects with the objectives

Validate and calibrate the average maturity

  • Determine the necessary budgets and estimating ROI
  • Set the schedule and milestones
  • Follow the expected benefits
  • Manage performance ( projects and recurrent) and customer satisfaction

Today, Karistem’s IT expertise is :

  • A reference among CIO large-scale transformation projects in the industry
  • Missions of cost reduction with significant results
  • An growing activity notably thanks to specialized expertise of the KCE network

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To illustrate, here are some topics on CIO’s agendas for which Karistem has been asked to assist its clients :

How to control the frequent changes of projects, is the organization Project Owner still relevant ?
Do I have the right skills for the defined strategic orientations ?
What new ways of reducing costs are there without degrading the service offering ?
What CIO organization model should I have, is outsourcing a sustainable option ?