A formal recruitment process for high-level profiles


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However, Karistem regularly leads recruitment campaigns to reply to its growth objectives. Even though the recruitment process is the same for all its collaborators, the desired profiles vary depending on their grades.

Business Analyst and Senior Consultant
Generally recruited after their master (HEC, ESSEC, ESCEP Europe etc.) most Business Analysts have a dual degree, as the Senior Consultants who have more operational experience. The first cycle of studies are important, candidates from top-level engineering or business universities are currently the main target recruitment population of the consultancy.

Manager, Senior Manager, Principal and Director
For the levels Manager, Senior Manager, Principal and Director, the candidates must have successfully held a similar position in a consulting firm and during a significant period of time. Special attention will be placed on the candidate’s ability to rapidly integrate and ideally complement the strengths of the existing team.

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A recruitment process in three steps

After a first round, following an examination of the CVs and cover letters, candidates take part in a formal recruitment process. This is made up of three interviews.

• Operational Interview
During the first interview, the candidate analyses one or several case studies. Here, their reasoning skills are evaluated, as well as their problem-solving skills. The case studies can be theoretical or, more often, directly inspired by assignments carried out by Karistem.

• Mutual interest interview
This second interview allows us to confirm the mutual interest between the candidate and Karistem. For the consultant, it includes highlighting the value of their achievements and their motivation. For the firm, the objective is to confirm the match between the aims and the competences of the candidate without forgetting their personality. A new case study can be submitted.

• Confirmation Interview
During this final interview, the candidate meets a Director or a Principal of Karistem. Decisive, this step validates or not the recruitment of the consultant. The subjects discussed can be very varied, including topics like professional challenges met or the candidate personality.


A salary based on competences and performance

At each grade, the salary of each consultant includes a fixed salary and a variable part. In light of this, the salary grid of Karistem is the object of a regular benchmark.

• Fixed salary
The fixed salary of each consultant is determined by their education level and their professional experience. Karistem attaches a lot of importance to this to ensure the fight against all forms of discrimination. In this way, in joining Karistem, at an equal maturity level, the salaries between the consultants are identical. This fixed salary is re-evaluated each year in relation to the performance of each consultant.

• Variable part
The variable part of each salary is objective depending on the individual performance, but also on the general performance of Karistem, in a way to encourage team work and cohesion between all the collaborators of the firm.