Karistem Corporate Expertise

KCE Network
Expert network brought together by Karistem


To meet the specific needs of its customers, Karistem today unites many experts within a single network, called Karistem Corporate Expertise.

Thus, in a market where the majority of the consulting firms claim to have numerous specializations but intervene with general consultants, Karistem is the only consulting firm in strategy and transformation to truly benefit from the know-how of experts recognized for their expertise, and assemble the expertise to meet the needs of its customers.

Specifically, within each of Karistem’s functional cluster (HR, Sourcing, Supply Chain, Information System, etc…), these experts specialized in specific segments work alongside Karistem’s consultant teams to meet the problems faced by clients from technical point of view.

This unique combination of expertise, both in terms of advice and expertise, today allows Karistem to respond quickly and in a targeted manner to the needs of its clients.