Human Resource Study 2013

HRM in fast growing countries


How French Industrial Corporations are adressing the challenges of workforce globalisation
June 2013

In recent years, French Industrial Corporations (FICs) have been facing fundamental changes to their Business environment. Knowing that globalisation would have an important impact on HR Management we needed to delve into how the topic is currently approached within FICs. In doing so we questioned interviewees on the importance it held on the agenda not only of HR Directors but of the Executive Committees (EXCOM). We also delved into the main difficulties that were encountered and in what way they were being addressed.

Then, having analysed FICs approach to workforce globalisation, it was important to look into the way this issue was actually addressed and the current state of affairs. We looked into where FICs currently stand, the profiles of key populations, the status of expatriates, the limitations involved and the reality of diversity within the company, up to the EXCOM.

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