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Karistem : Successful integration of Factea teams

Paris , September 24, 2013. Karistem announces the successful integration of Factea group within its organization, twelve months after it was acquired. Indeed, it is now under the brand Karistem Factea. The two teams continue their traditional activities: strategic consulting and management of the sourcing function in the form of Karistem Corporate Consulting (KCC), and operational expertise in managing sourcing categories under Karistem Corporate Expertise (KCE ).

“Over the past year, we have focused our operations on two objectives: to take advantage of synergies between Factea and Karistem as well as maximizing the economies of scale that are related to our size” explains Serge Dautrif , Managing Partner and head of the Consulting business at Karistem. “Thus, we decided to show our teams and our clients the relevance of this reunion. This includes maintaining confidence in the historic Factea team. “This success is primarily theirs” he says.

Since the merger between Karistem, Factea and the Sourcing Practice have seen several major successes on subjects as varied as collaboration and innovation suppliers, reducing purchasing costs , the thinning of the procurement process or the implementation of responsible purchasing policies. The team builds on its long experience in the procurement field, combined with the expertise of Karistem in managing large transformation projects.

Via a highly targeted sectorial strategy Karistem also allows current teams to better undertake the specificities of each business client. Strategy gradual refocusing on key accounts and is engaged with the development of long-term relationships, based on the success and confidence with a targeted number of purchasing managers goal.

Moreover, most franchisees of the Factea group, specialized in procurement categories such as IT , telecommunications, energy, personal protective equipment etc. have chosen to pursue their activities with Karistem within the expert Karistem Corporate Expertise (KCE ) network. “We were very motivated by the development of this new business [operational expertise, ed] and the business model developed by Factea immediately appealed to us”, says Saad Bennani, Managing Partner and Head of Expertise at Karistem . “This is a very relevant model for networking with experienced operational professionals. The synergies with the consulting are obvious and our customers immediately acclaim this complementarity”.

Substantive work has been done to enhance the added value of each partner, with a balance between entrepreneurial aspirations of all their operational needs and prudent financial management of investments. Several recent commercial successes have obviously played a decisive role. The presence of Karistem in some large accounts has enabled members of the KCE network to publicize and win quickly major commercial successes.

In the coming months, Karistem will continue to develop its sourcing practice and expert network by sourcing categories. Karistem will also accelerate the development of its other areas of expertise, particularly in HR , Supply Chain and Sustainability.

Karistem Corporate Consulting briefly. Karistem Corporate Consulting (KCC) is a consulting firm specializing in strategy and transformation. Since 2004, KCC develops and implements major transformation projects supported by the Exectutive Managament to improve the competitiveness of the heart of business and / or support functions to align the business strategy. KCC’s approach is results-oriented and puts people at the heart of each transformation. KCC is committed (1) the involvement and ownership of the change by the largest number of people and (2) on fast, major and lasting results.


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