Responsible Purchasing

Responsible Purchasing
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Since 2007, the “Responsible Sourcing ” teams of Karistem Corporate Consulting have accompanied businesses and public entities (local governments , the state , EPIC … ) in the definition and implementation of their strategy in terms of responsible procurement. The objective: to transform the procurement function to effectively implement long-term sustainable procurement approach.

The intervention of Karistem Corporate Consulting’s teams usually rolls out in three phases :

Diagnosis of the as-is

  • Assessment of purchasing practices in the company (interviews, surveys, review of processes and tools, etc.)
  • Study of the stakes and levers for the organization (mapping of CSR risks and opportunities based on purchasing portfolio)

Definition of a strategy for sustainable procurement

  • Identify priorities for action and formalization of a responsible purchasing policy
  • Development of a detailed action plan, definition of indicators for monitoring actions and sourcing performance
  • Development of a communication plan to stakeholders (buyers , purchasing advisors , suppliers, clients, employees, etc.)

Deployment of the action plan and responsible purchasing strategy

  • Adaptation or creation of dedicated tools
  • Directed and training animation of buyers and purchasing advisors in new purchasing practices

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Beyond responsible sourcing, the know-how of Karistem Corporate Expertise teams accompanies businesses and public entities in their sustainable development policy :

  • Definition of a sustainable development / CSR strategy
  • Training / education on sustainable development
  • Fun and educational animation on sustainable development
  • Production of Carbon footprint
  • Optimization of energy consumption
  • Etc.

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