Responsibles Relations Suppliers Charter

Responsibles Relations Suppliers Charter


Karistem officially approved by the “Médiation Inter-entreprises”,

the “Médiation des Marchés Publics” and the “CDAF”

Karistem, consulting firm in strategy, transformation and operational excellence, was officially approved by the “Médiation Inter-entreprises” (Mediation Inter-enterprises), “Médiation des Marchés Publics” (Mediation Public Procurement) and CDAF (Compagnie des Dirigeants et des Acheteurs de France – Company executives and buyers from France), to help companies and public operators sign the Responsibles Relations Suppliers Charter and help them implement their commitments.
The authorization granted by the Mediation Inter-enterprises, Mediation Public Procurement and CDAF is awarded to a limited number of consulting firms and training, after special training, filing and review of an application and a defence before a jury. Now, Karistem can actually rely on this authorization in its institutional and commercial documentation, and on its website, including via a special logo with the words “consulting firm”. A description of Karistem will also be posted on the website of Charter (

Ten commitments for sustainable purchasing
Designed in 2010 by the Mediation Inter-enterprises and CDAF, the Charter is shaped to encourage companies to adopt responsible purchasing practices with their suppliers. Today, the promotion and facilitation of the Charter are guaranteed by the Mediation Inter-enterprises and CDAF.

The Responsibles Relations Suppliers Charter, includes 10 commitments for responsible procurement:

  • Apply the LME law (Loi de Modernisation de l’Economie : law of modernization of the economy);
  • Create a sustainable relationship between the prime contractor and the supplier, for example in terms of financial fairness or transparency of the order book and production capacity while ensuring control risks of too much interdependence ;
  • Foster collaboration with strategic suppliers, to improve performance, the client works with the subcontractor should be regarded as a strategic partner;
  • Choose a provider taking into account the total cost of the purchase, not just the apparent price, integrating logistics costs, risks in terms of replenishment, quality problems and image;
  • Take into account the environmental impact of its business and operations, including outsourced activities;
  • Ensure the territorial responsibility of the company seeking the territory in which it operates, to contribute as much as possible to develop the economy.

The Charter has now 475 signatories, representing a purchasing volume of almost € 450 billion. We find many organizations, both from the public and private sector: large companies, ETI, small and very small suppliers, socio-professional organizations, federations, etc.

The idea of an official certification for consulting firms as Karistem arose from the fact that the signatories of the Charter may need to resort to consulting compenies or training in order to:

  • Professionalize their purchases teams, in particular to update skills on 10 commitments for responsible purchasing in the Charter;
  • Help them raise communicate to their collaborators in the buying process, especially when dealing with suppliers in order to improve the construction of sustainable and balanced relationship;
  • Help them raise their organization to mediation or to professionalize their internal mediators.

Thus, the Mediation Inter-enterprises, Mediation Public Procurement and CDAF wanted to create a formal approval for referencing firms that can assist signatories to the Charter. Karistem is now one of them.

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