CS9 | Case Study

Karistem supports a global player in the manufacturing industry
in defining its 3-year HRIS strategy



The Group’s vision for the HR department was for it to become a true strategic business partner, transforming the current perception of HR as a purely administrative function.

The HR community soon realised that perpetuating the status quo was no longer an option and that the HR function had to evolve. They also realised that HR information systems (HRIS) would be at the heart of this transformation.

The Group HR Director therefore decided to define a strategy for the Group’s HRIS. To help him in this task, he turned to Karistem.


Karistem was set four objectives:

  • Provide detailed insight into existing HRIS portfolio and upcoming projects
  • Propose improvements based on both internal needs and external market trends
  • Help the HR management make sound and informed decisions about objectives and investment priorities
  • Structure the 3-year roadmap (projects, schedule…)

The entire HR community was involved in the project (Corporate, Business, Country), which was the first experience of functional alignment within the Group.

Why Karistem ?

Four key factors explaining why Karistem was chosen:

  • Expertise in international HR projects
  • Expertise in HR processes and systems
  • Good understanding of Client’s context
  • Good relations with both HR and IT teams

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