CS8 | Case Study

Karistem conducts a benchmark of education strategies
in the Oil & Gas sector for one of the world’s major Oil & Gas Groups



As a responsible Oil & Gas producer, the Company has always invested in order to support human development in the countries where it operates. Until recently, these investments were underpinned by two major concerns: to enhance the Company’s acceptability and visibility.

In the last few years however, new HR challenges (e.g. talent shortages, local content laws…) have prompted the Company to re-approach the question of education in a new light. What if education was also a lever to prepare subsidiaries’ future human resource needs?

In that context, the Company’s Learning, Education and University VP decided to conduct an assessment of the Company’s education initiatives worldwide and a benchmark against main competitors’ education strategies. Karistem was selected to conduct these studies.


Karistem was set two main objectives:

  • Make recommendations to optimise the Company’s education investments from an HR point of view, based on best practices observed in the Oil & Gas sector
  • Make recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of internal and external communication on these education initiatives

The mission also aimed to enhance the collaboration between the Corporate education team and relays in the subsidiaries.

Why Karistem ?

Three key factors explaining why Karistem was chosen:

  • A good understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility issues in the Oil & Gas sector
  • An extensive experience in benchmarking and competitive analysis
  • A robust approach in leveraging internal resources

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