CS3 | Case Study

Karistem helps a leading player
in the energy industry boost internal mobility



The management of the Company was deeply convinced that internal mobility was a key lever to develop high performers, break down silos in the organisation, encourage cross-fertilisation across entities, adapt to shifts in the business footprint and manage shortages of critical skills. Therefore, they requested HR management to take action to increase the number of internal moves within the Company.

The mobility project that resulted was composed of four pillars:

  • The harmonisation of job description and classification standards – to facilitate comparison across the organisation
  • The implementation of a common job portal – to bring together hiring managers, candidates and HR
  • The implementation of an Internal Mobility Committee (IMC) – to discuss the moves of key employees and vacancies in critical positions
  • The standardisation of expat packages – to facilitate international transfers and improve cost effectiveness

Karistem supported the Company in the design and global roll out of this project.


Converting the management’s ambition into reality introduced three main challenges:

  • Harmonising and streamlining processes, policies and tools in the 50 countries of the Group
  • Overcoming organisational barriers to gain full visibility of vacancies, employees’ aspirations, packages…
  • Instilling a new corporate culture, emphasising flexibility, proactivity and diversity

Karistem worked hand-in-hand with the Client’s team in order to achieve these objectives.

Why Karistem ?

Four key factors explaining why Karistem was chosen:

  • A deep knowledge of Talent Management processes
  • A proven expertise in international HR projects
  • A robust approach to leveraging internal resources
  • Professional communication materials (in partnership with an agency)

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