CS15 | Case Study

Transformation of the sourcing organization, sharing and optimisation
of business and indirect purchases of a global leader in urban light management



For many years, the business purchases of this global leader in urban light management were decentralized regionally, with significant differences in terms of price. Indirect purchases, meanwhile, were centralized at the national level. Framework agreements existed among families of indirect purchases but few of them were actually applied.

Given this situation, the Executive Management decided to review the sourcing organization of the company and share the business purchases as well as the indirect purchases. Their goal was to save several hundreds of thousands of Euros within the first year.

To carry out this project, the Executive Management of the company relied on the Karistem’s teams.


The transformation of the procurement function was based on three main objectives:

  • Assess the sourcing maturity of the existing organization and draw a map of business and indirect purchases
  • Define the new target organization and the degree of centralization for business purchases then define procurement strategies for each segment and reference the best suppliers
  • Ensure compliance with framework contracts and implement corrective action if necessary

Why Karistem?

Three key factors explaining why Karistem was chosen:

  • A recognized expertise in transformation and organization projects of the sourcing function
  • Its network of experts by category or purchasing families who are able to intervene on specific perimeters of indirect purchasing families
  • Its ability to deliver tangible and measurable results on time

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