CS13 | Case Study

Deployment of a plan to optimize internal and external outsourcing
of a European metrological network



Faced with the incapacity of its laboratories to deliver results in the expected timeframe, this European network specializing in metrology, and as the market leader, decided to review its outsourcing systems, both internally and externally.

Indeed, as the capacity of the network depends largely on subcontracting between laboratories, the preferential system causes significant delays, mainly due to insufficient knowledge of the skills and expertise of one or other. This last point also needing a solution deemed excessive and uncontrolled in the external outsourcing.

Given this situation and after a European tender, the network decided to entrust Karistem to implement an optimization plan for the internal and external subcontracting processes.


The plan to optimize the subcontracting plans was based on three main challenges:

  • Identify the needs, expertise and capacities of European agencies
  • Streamline the panel network providers and supervise the use of external outsourcing
  • Develop reporting tools and performance measurement, both internally and externally

Why Karistem?

Three key factors explain why Karistem was chosen:

  • Its ability to deliver measurable and sustainable results over time
  • A recognized expertise in optimizing panel suppliers
  • A good knowledge of companies organized in a network

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