Karistem | Transformation consulting | Revamping of service business

Karistem supports a world-class player in naval defence systems
in the revamping of its service business



Over the last few years, the Company had experienced two major changes:

  • The Company changed its legal status from government authority to that of a state-owned company governed by private law.
  • The Company acquired several companies as a part of a project aimed at regrouping French naval activities under one single banner.

These changes, on top of cuts in the French defence budget, prompted the Director of the Service Division to launch an ambitious business transformation program.


The program had two main objectives:

  • Boost sales by 50% within 10 years
  • Increase operating margin by 20% within 1 year

The Company soon realised that the Service Division’s traditional geographically-based organisation would not enable these objectives to be met and that business had to be reorganised.

Over 14 months, Karistem supported the Company in this wide-scale transformation.

Why Karistem ?

Four key factors explaining why Karistem was chosen :

  • Small team of consultants
  • Internal resources highly leveraged
  • Constant focus on results
  • Ability to mobilise and drive through change

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