Karistem | Transformation consulting | Management learning program

Karistem supports a leading player in banking and insurance sector
to design a global management learning program



This leading player in banking and insurance sector has defined its leadership model around 5 values. To support the embodiment of this model on a day-to-day basis, the group wishes to implement a company-wide management program, to be deployed globally.

Ultimately this program should replace the multitude of management trainings that exist locally. To do so, it has to be attractive and adapted to the new training consumption modes (digital, collaborative…).

Karistem was asked to assist the design of the management program, with a logic of co-construction with the actors, and to operationally translate it into one or several specifications if needed.


To realise the objectives, Karistem choose a tailor-made approach :

  • Suggest and structure a global plan of the new management training offer
  • Establish the list of key contents and of contents dedicated to the 3 managing levels, through questionnaires
  • Define the performance monitoring methods of the new program (KPI’s)
  • Provide support to generate and monitor the tender (if tender there is) to choose the external actors

This mission was done through three co-construction workshops – animated by Karistem in its laboratory – by mobilising creativity methods and associating several levels of managers.

Main results :

  • A management program directly linked to the leadership model
  • A customised, digital and collaborative program, adapted to each manager’s
  • Easy to use KPIs measuring the success and impact of the program

Why Karistem ?

Four key factors explaining why Karistem was chosen :

  • Small team of consultants
  • Internal resources highly leveraged
  • Constant focus on results
  • Ability to mobilise and drive through change

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